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mobile phones while breast feeding

Reasons Why Mothers Should not use their Mobile Phones while Breast Feeding

It might seem normal to surf the phone while breast feeding. Many mothers start surfing through their facebook timeline or reply to the text in whatsapp while they breast feed their baby. In research and studies, it is seen that there are some reasons why using mobile phones while breast feeding can cause harm to the baby.

In several hospitals, nurses have complained that maximum mothers surf their phone or give replies to the congratulation messages while feeding their new born baby. It is even seen that they take pictures of their baby in those moments, popularly known as ‘brelfies’. Many psychologists claim that they make the mothers understand that they wait patiently for a maximum time of 10 months to see their baby and nurse him or her, then why do they keep their eyes on their phone screen instead of keeping an eye on their baby while he or she is being breast fed. . It is very much important to enjoy these auspicious moments of the newly motherhood while it lasts for a few months and it is such a span of time when no one expects you to do anything else other than taking care of and relaxing with your baby.

Making an eye contact with the baby is very much important in making of a strong bond between the mother and the baby while she breast feeds her little one. The baby’s brain develops every single day. He becomes a little bigger, smarter and stronger with every passing day. It is a must to constantly interact with your baby as he his little brain is developing and learning every day.

Relax during the time while your baby is having the breast milk. It is completely a painless and a quiet event to cherish. It is a limited time gift. Gaze at your baby; see how innocently he starts to be drowsy in 5 minutes of breast feeding. Check whether he burps in between or not or is he staring all over the room to check new things out. Try making new positions while breast feeding to make your baby feel more comfortable. Words cannot express the attention that is being created while you nurse and do all this sweet stuffs with your baby. All these factors are very much essential as his brain is learning the priceless connection between him and his mother in which makes the bond eventually strengthen.

The last and the foremost thing that why the mother should keep their phone away while breast feeding is because mobile phones emit harmful radiations which cause serious damage to the baby’s new born cells and tissues in the brain, and even harm the structure of the baby’s DNA causing cancer and other diseases.

A healthy baby is all that a mother wants to see. So give that time to your baby which you happen to give to your mobile phone while breast feeding.

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