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Piercing your baby's ears

Important things you should know about Baby ear piercing


Baby ear piercing is traditional practice in many cultures. Although piercing newborn baby’s ears is controversial. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend piercing baby’s ear until the babies are able to take care of the piercing. It is a very common practice to pierce the girl baby’s ears but boy baby’s ears may also be pierced, a few days or months after they are born as the ear lobes are soft during this period.

When Can I Get My Baby’s Ears Pierced?

In some cultures, the baby ear piercing is done in the first few days after birth (Within 15 days to 1 month). It is better to wait till the baby is a bit older, so she can take care of the piercing. The ideal age would be 2 years, so the baby can follow the instructions given by parents in taking care of the piercing.

Where Can I Get My Baby’s Ears Pierced?

The baby ear piercing can be done at the local jeweler store or medical professional who practices piercing as well.

How Is The Ear Piercing Done For Babies?

The ear has to be disinfected with alcohol, and the baby ear piercing can be done with either the needle-based piercers or piercing guns.Aseptic precautions to be taken before piercing baby’s ears. Hold the baby in comfortable position, the jeweler or the doctor holds the center of ear lobe in position and make a mark on it and piercing is done for ears, one after the other.

How to Prepare My Baby For Ear Piercing?

The baby ear piercing is done when the condition of baby’s health is good and is free from infections. The baby should be in comfortable and buttoned clothes, some pacifiers around to console the baby.

What Are The Types Of Earrings My Baby Can Wear?

In some cultures, neem twigs are used after baby ear piercing, but it is safe to use gold or silver earrings. These should be small, flat and round, compact, not big and dangling.

What Are The Precautions I Must Take After Piercing?

The following precautions to be taken after baby ear piercing

Swap the earrings once a week

Wash and dry hands before touching baby’s ears

Wash the ear lobes with anti-bacterial soap and apply disinfectant for 45 days

Keep baby away from dust.

Prevent the tugging of ears by a baby. Instruct the baby if she is around 2 years old not to touch the earrings.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pierced Hole Infection?

The symptoms pierced hole infection of baby ear piercing are:

Chronic redness of the ear

Pus from the pierced area

Red blisters

Fever and chills

What Causes Pierced Ear Infection?

The causes of infections in baby ear piercing are:

The pierced area is not cleaned well with disinfectant

Exposure to bacteria

Uncomfortable earrings

Tugging of ears constantly

No aseptic precautions taken while piercing ears.

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