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Safe To Lose Weight While Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Lose Weight While Pregnancy?

Losing weight has been an age old concern, especially for women. But, the question arises that of losing weight during pregnancy.

The body weight is bound to increase while pregnancy, due to the weight of the fetus or the baby inside the mother’s womb.

Research reads that if a pregnant woman loses her weight during the first trimester of her pregnancy, it is considered as normal. This does not indicate that a pregnant woman, can lose her weight in the second phase or trimester of her pregnancy. Hence, a particular diet needs to be followed for maintaining the weight, rather than losing it.

A particular diet should include legumes, nuts and oils for the protein content required for the female body while pregnancy.

An advisory or counselor can be consulted for seeking advice on losing or increasing or even maintaining the body weight while pregnancy.

A particular woman should drink lots of water for the necessity of hydration for the body during pregnancy and meeting calorie requirements for the same. Inadequate calories shall lead to malfunctioning of body functions of a woman during her pregnancy. Sudden dietary changes from that of high calorie food to low calorie food items shall not be undertaken while pregnancy, without consulting a proper doctor or counselor for the same.

There should be room for adequate weight gain, when a certain woman is expecting or is pregnant, in order to provide room for the growth of organs, which are otherwise vital to the improvement or development of the fetus to form a baby.

Pregnancy is a phase in woman-life, wherein more woman face gaining weight than that of losing for the development of the fetuses into proper and healthy babies.

How to lose weight during pregnancy?

It is hence, mandatory to follow some of the following tips to keep a tab on the weight increase during the phase of pregnancy, for a woman to have a healthy and safe baby. These tips may also help to lose weight while pregnant.

Keeping tabs on the amount of weight gain if required for the body and the baby.

A Decrease in calorie intake.

Maintain a daily routine of exercise which should be of a minimum of half an hour or thirty minutes.

Caring about the body weight at an early stage.

If an expecting mother is obese, it is highly recommended that care is taken and food and lifestyle habits are given significance to eliminate complications during the pregnancy.

Hence, these are some of the factors which can lead to a safe weight loss during pregnancy, or maintaining weight equilibrium in the body such that, a healthy pregnancy is experienced and complications are minimized from the initial stage itself.

As also, it is noticed in a few overweight women, that they do lose their appetite, hunger and weight due to nausea or vomiting during pregnancy which is also termed as morning sickness.

Hence, eliminating increase or gain in weight.

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