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4 Top Benefits of Honey For Pregnant Women

This article talks about the amazing benefits of honey for pregnant women. Honey is perfectly safe for pregnant women. It should be taken in moderation and as part of a healthy balanced diet. The consumption of raw honey vs pasteurized honey is most debatable, as raw honey contains more pollen and high in nutrition, but either of the honey consumption is safe.

Consumption of honey during pregnancy has to be well taken care and consume only the good brand honey and be safe. There are concerns regarding consumption of honey while pregnant with the risk of botulism and gestational diabetes. The risk of botulism is the highest scare for pregnant women, though a lot of studies have found that clostridia spores will not affect the fetus. The gastrointestinal system prevents botulinum toxin and it does not cross placental barrier due to its large molecular size.The concern with gestational diabetes is the pregnant women should avoid intake of honey as it may accelerate diabetes leading to complications.

The benefits of honey during pregnancy are:

Boosting of immunity

The honey is rich in antibacterial and antioxidant property which helps in healing wounds, burns, minor cuts.

Insomnia cure

Mixing 1 teaspoon of honey with milk at bedtime helps in overcoming insomnia due to its hypnotic action.

Cure for cold, cough, sore throat: The inhibitory activity against viruses prevents cold; the anti-inflammatory action soothes the throat and also reduces seasonal allergies.

Dandruff cure – The antibacterial property helps in scalp care, apply the diluted honey with water to treat dandruff.

The precautions to be taken while consuming honey while pregnant. Honey is a storehouse for nutrition, 1 tablespoon of honey contains 60 Calories.It is composed mainly of fructose, glucose and other sugars provide health and nutrition benefits.Three to five tablespoons of honey can be consumed but should not exceed 5 tablespoons per day. Please do not mix honey with hot water, it can be mixed with luke warm water. The vitamin C and Vitamin D foods should not be mixed with honey as it nullifies the benefits of vitamin. Manuka honey is considered safe during pregnancy and there is no evidence of any side effect of consumption. Utmost care to be taken during pregnancy while consumption of any food.

The doctors suggest consumption of pasteurized honey in pregnancy to avoid any infection with botulinum spores, but it is not necessary that the pasteurization kills the spores as the spores are heat resistant and will not be completely destroyed. The consumption of honey in pregnancy is safe, but sometimes in exceptional cases there might be side effects. These side effects include stomach upset with cramps, gastrointestinal tract irritation, diarrhea, bloating.The pregnant women should choose the right honey for consumption. The best way to choose honey is to select from the bee farm. The qualities of pure honey are it tends not to stick when rubbed between fingers and it is vicious, takes time to dissolve in water, contains pollen and other particles, does not get absorbed easily. The adulterated honey feels sticky due to the adulterants, it is light and readily dissolves in water, it looks clear due to absence of impurities and can be absorbed easily.


The benefits of honey consumption overweight the risk.

The consumption of honey should be in moderation during pregnancy.

The pregnant women with gestational diabetes should not consume honey.

To be avoided by pregnant ladies who are sensitive to bee –allergy

Honey does not cross the placental barrier, hence does not cause botulism in the fetus.

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