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Paneer eat during pregnancy

5 Reasons Why Pregnant Women should Eat Paneer

There comes a huge list of do’s and don’ts when a woman or a lady is going through pregnancy or is in her natal stage.

From nausea, headaches, sleeplessness to food cravings, pregnancy sees it all. One such food item is Paneer or Indian cottage cheese which is in question for consumption during pregnancy.

Is it safe to Eat Paneer During Pregnancy?

First of all, Paneer or the Indian cottage cheese is rich in calcium content and a standard woman in her pregnancy adequately requires a 1000 milligrams of calcium in her diet for conceiving a healthy baby.

Second of all paneer or cottage cheese is made out of pasteurized milk in a dairy far and hence, is safe for consumption in every aspect for every pregnant woman. Alternatively, Paneer or cottage cheese can also be made or derived at home from curdled cow’s milk and can be consumed in a cooked form.

How paneer is useful in your pregnancy?

Paneer is highly enriched with Vitamins B and phosphorous which help in developing the baby’s muscles and tissues in an effective and efficient manner.

As also chewing or munching on to some uncooked or raw paneer during cravings or snacking durations does not add on to the calories or weight during pregnancy and hence does not increase the weight which otherwise becomes a huge concern in the post natal stage.

The high phosphorous and calcium content in paneer is also helpful in the development of the teeth and bones of the foetus and helping in avoiding demineralizing the bones of the mother in the natal stage.

Apart from the above, paneer helps in appropriate functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems of the body. As also, it helps in lactation for the mother, in the post natal stage due to its high calcium properties.

Paneer hence proves as a source of energy for the stamina and strength needed during pregnancy to withhold the baby’s weight as well as the body weight and thus helping in fatigue, nausea, anemia as well as morning sickness in some cases.

Hence, these are some of the reasons why an expecting mother should consume paneer in pregnancy.

Apart from these factors, Paneer also lowers the risk of birth defects as it is highly enriched in omega 3 fatty acids and the anti-inflammatory properties also help in avoid swelling and pain in legs or foot of the expecting mother.

Hence, it is highly recommended by doctors that expecting mothers should eat paneer in pregnancy without a second thought.

As compared to non-vegetarian options or in absence of other snacking options, paneer or cottage cheese proves to be the safest option for intake as per research. Paneer is a protein resource which is required by the body during pregnancy along with animal protein such that the mother’s body does not lack nutrition or get dehydrated in terms of providing nutrition to the foetus.

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