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When to Start Brushing Baby Teeth

Baby the mere word brings a brisk smile on anybody’s face. The small toddling feeling with short giggles soothes anyone. We tend to look over the health of the baby along with the essential things but one which gets un-noticed is the teeth of the baby. Is brushing a baby teeth equally important? What to do when there are no visible signs of a tooth.

Commonly for babies, prominent tooth existence comes to visibility in 6th month or in some cases 15-18 month. But bacteria do not seek the age of the baby. No teeth can ever be strong without strong gums. When the baby is infant we should prefer to rub the gums of the baby with a soft moist muslin cloth so that no bacteria initiates its generation. Muslin cloth being soft will not harm the baby’s gums or hamper its sweet giggle.

When it comes to best tips to brush a baby teeth there are many. But the simple steps which we need to consider are the following:

When visible tooth appears to rub it with a moist cotton cloth initially.

When you initiate with giving grains to the baby look for a tooth paste without fluoride.

There are various tooth pastes for babies which do not possess fluoride.

Purchase a tooth brush with soft lined bristles having a steady grip for you.

Apply a thin line of paste on the bristle or a dot while brushing.

When the bristles seem worn out change the brush immediately.

Most of the kids presently have decayed milk teeth. At the primitive age parents do not get to see the condition of the teeth till they get worse. So baby teeth brushing is as important as other hygiene and other issues.

Intensive brushing of baby teeth is also not so importance all we need to take care is the requirement and timing for baby’s teeth brushing. The dental care for these toddlers is not so hard to maintain. All we have to do is brush their teeth twice a day. Once in the morning and the other before bed. After regular meals a simple scrub with fingers and water is ample.

Excess of everything is bad hence when we look into dental care the best tips to brush baby teeth should be given importance. In small age, bad breadth is not an issue and tooth decay comes to vicinity only when extraction of the tooth is the only way left. A gentle massage from fingers before coming out of the teeth for the baby is healthy for them and will help strengthen the gums for the babies. Never use hard clothes and see that the bristles are soft while using. Keep the smile healthy since that smile enlightens your smile.

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