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climb stairs during pregnancy

Is it safe to climb stairs during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a condition where in utmost care has to be taken in all aspects like food, clothing, exercise, travel, medicines so as to take care not to have any ill effects on the baby.

The most common question all the expectant mothers ask is it safe to climb stairs during pregnancy? The answer is yes, climbing stairs are safe provided the pregnant lady is extra careful while climbing stairs.

The climbing of staircase in early pregnancy does not pose any risk as the fetus is too small and the body is in good shape and the pregnant lady can balance herself while climbing stairs. The body balance is not yet altered in the first trimester. The climbing of stairs is to be avoided as suggested by elders mostly due to the fear of tripping or falling is high. A fall in the first trimester can lead to miscarriage.

As the pregnancy progresses to second and third trimesters, the fetus increases in size and the position of the fetus move down to the pelvis and the balance of the body are altered. So the chances of losing the balance and tripping and falling are high. Care has to be taken while climbing stairs. Slowly and one step at a time is advised.

<h1>The precautions have to be taken in these conditions while climbing a staircase</h1>

History of miscarriage

Multiple pregnancies

Elderly pregnant women above 35

History of dizziness, fainting and hypotension

High risk pregnancy

Bleeding in early pregnancy

<h2>The following safety tips can be followed while climbing staircase during pregnancy</h2>

Use handrails and hold on it firmly and then climb the stairs.

Take one step at a time and climb slowly

Leave one hand free to hold on to something in case you lose balance.

Do not carry any items while climbing or descending from the stairs

Switch on the lights and climb the stairs in the well illuminated area.

Use good secure anti slippery carpets on the stairs

Take your time to climb one step at a time.

Kindly look at the stairs and climb, do not focus your attention elsewhere while climbing as there are chances of slipping and falling.

Always ask a guardian on standby and look out for you when climbing the stairs.

If there is a feeling of dizziness or giddiness while climbing stairs, just pause for a minute, relax and then move to the next step.

<h3>How is climbing stairs good during pregnancy?</h3>

Yes, climbing stairs are good. It helps in improving circulation for the legs and delays the onset of pedal edema. Once or twice a day is good enough to climb the stairs during pregnancy. Excessive movement of the stairs is to be avoided as it can lead to fatigue and muscle cramps. In early pregnancy, it is easy to climb stairs on own, but in later pregnancy, assistance may be required while climbing stairs.

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